About Us

Yum Pals can be defined as friendship built on delicious food.  We’re sort of a dating app to match foodies to foodpreneurs. 

Just kidding!

YumPals is an online marketplace that enables food lovers to order deliveries (and pickups) from nearby home-based chefs and food entrepreneurs. How is YumPals different from other food delivery apps and websites? We offer an alternative experience to big restaurants and support small business by offering delicious food created from start to finish with a high level of personal attention, craft and passion. We also support local economy by encouraging people to patronize businesses within their locality.  
Welcome Foodies

Here you can find set meals, party platters, food packs as well as breads, pastries, drinks, delicacies, fresh produce and many other food products lovingly prepared in the home kitchens or sourced directly by the sellers. 

Welcome Foodpreneurs

Yumpals provides home-based chefs and food entrepreneurs with a venue to showcase, advertise and sell food products through deliveries and pick-ups. If you are looking for an online storefront for your food products, you are welcome to be one of our merchants.